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Canned Food Drive 2020

By: Ashley Berger

It is so easy for most students at Peninsula High School to go to their kitchen and grab a snack whenever they please. Most families know what they are having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For others, it is unclear what or when their next meal is.

Four dimensions contribute to food insecurity, such as availability, accessibility utilization, and stability. Food insecurities occur when there is a lack of food, resources, improper use, or changes in availability, accessibility, and utilization. Food insecurity targets low-income families who cannot provide enough food for every person in one household. Unemployment, unexpected car maintenance, or an accident can suddenly force a family to choose between buying food and paying bills. Working families across America face countless situations that can result in food insecurity and hunger.

Since the start of CoVID- 19, many members of families have been laid-off, resulting in unemployment and the inability to provide necessities for their families. Growing unemployment rates have caused an increase in improper nutrition and hunger within families. The rise of grocery retail prices, combined with reduced income, results in more and more households having to cut down on the quantity and quality of their food consumption.

Every year, Service Learning Leadership hosts an annual canned food drive. The goal is to combat households facing food insecurity, as well as families in our community affected by the virus and struggle to maintain a stable food source. This year, our students and faculty donated over 5000 food items. The donated items have gone to organizations such as Long Beach Rescue Mission, Long Beach Ronald McDonald House, Community's Child, the South Bay Volunteer Center's Backpack for Kids Program, the St. Francis Center, and Saint Francis Episcopal Church. We sincerely thank our Panther community for their generous support and are thrilled to be able to combat hunger in this meaningful way.

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