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By Michelle Sun, 01/10/2022


In November, SLL successfully ran the annual Peninsula High School Canned Food Drive once again. Over the course of one week, Peninsula High raised almost 10,000 cans in total—a record high for our school.

In this age of pandemic with COVID-19, food insecurity is at an all time high, and during the holiday season, with harsh weather, it is very important for people to be willing to contribute to the cause of lessening that burden for those who face food insecurity. The students of Pen High did not hesitate to put in a hand to help.

There are many things each citizen can do to help others. Aside from donating to canned food drives, citizens of each community can consider donating food directly to homeless shelters and non-profit/charity food distribution centers. Another option for helping end the food insecurity crisis is to donate monetarily to charities fighting for the cause.

The Peninsula High SLL class thanks each student who donated cans to fight the crisis and help out those in need, and to the staff who helped with transportation and spreading the word!

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