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PVPHS Califormal Drive-In: Spiderman

By: Emma Brenizer

On February 25, 2021, Peninsula held their first school-wide event since the lockdown in March 2020. In honor of Califormal week, they designated days for different events. On Tuesday, the drive-in premiere video was publicized for everyone to get a chance to sign up for the drive-in beginning at noon. Furthermore, on Wednesday they held the senior college viewing where they put together a photo collage throughout the years of high school to honor the senior class. It was hung up near the baseball field on the fence for people to see as they drive by. In addition, Thursday was the drive-in movie at 7 in the PVPHS parking lot which was so special for the school to put on. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the movie, and I was amazed at how special and most importantly safe they were able to make the event. I have been to two drive-ins before, but this was most definitely the best one I had gone to, and it was really cool how they were able to transform the entire parking lot into a movie. The movie spiderman was shockingly really good as I did have my doubts. Overall, I was extremely pleased with the outcome of the event. Lastly, they ended off the Califormal week with a

panther shake from Big Island Eats. Califormal week was such a creative and safe way to celebrate the formal dance while promoting inclusivity, and creating memorable moments together as a school!

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