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Hello Service Learning Leadership Alumni!

Each spring I get emails from you--former Service Learners--seeking ideas or advice on social good internships for your upcoming summers. I am always SO thrilled to hear you are looking for these opportunities. Here are some of the places I recommend you looking into. I update this page as new internship opportunities come my way.

In addition to the ideas listed below, I encourage you to reach out to ANY organization where you think you might want to work. Research their website and find the right person to send your resume to. Craft an email about why you want to work there and how you think you can contribute to their cause/mission. A lot of organizations will be responsive to this. You are also welcome to inquire with me about being a reference for you.

Internship Ideas to Explore

  • The Los Angeles County Arts Commission

  • 31 Bits

  • Seeko Designs

  • Grace and Lace

  • Downtown (LA) Women's Center

  • Living on One

  • ShareFest

  • TOMS


SLL Alumni Have Interned With

  • P.S. ARTS

  • Compassion It

  • InHerShoesMovement

  • Pediatric Therapy Network

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