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About The Class 

Peninsula High's Service Learning Leadership (SLL) program empowers young leaders to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways. SLL students have the opportunity to: 

  • Affect positive change within our local and global communities

  • Create and execute service projects

  • Develop their perspectives on ethics, diversity, philanthropy, compassion and human rights.


This is a University of California approved Elective Course. Please click HERE to read more.


Please click HERE for our FAQs.

About The Instructor

Heather Myrick Arnold completed her BA and Teaching Credential in Dance and English at California State University Long Beach. While completing her teaching credential, she worked in development for P.S. ARTS--a nonprofit art education organization. Following this, Heather taught four levels of dance at Peninsula High School.

In 2011, Heather took a sabbatical from Peninsula to pursue a Master's Degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Change from Pepperdine University. As she completed this degree, she returned to P.S. ARTS where she held the Events Manager and Teaching Artist titles. During this time she oversaw fundraising events and worked on curriculum development and implementation. 

Inspired by her work in social entrepreneurship and nonprofit, Heather returned to Peninsula to create the Service Learning Leadership course as part of their newly launched Leadership Department--as well as to teach three levels of dance. Heather has completed a teaching fellowship with Bates Summer Dance Institute--a Social Innovation Fellowship with Movement 121--currently sits on the Board of Directors for the nonprofit organization, Compassion It, and has served as the Visual and Performing Arts Department chair person for Peninsula.

Heather recently moved to Torrance with her husband where they will welcome a baby girl this fall. In the meantime, she can be found DIY-ing and doing yoga...when she is finished watching what is on the DVR.

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