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What We Use And What We Do...

There are numerous ways to implement this class! At its core, the course raises awareness, promotes compassion, and takes action in local and global communities. However, based on your school's culture, this course will look differently for all campuses. For more resource ideas--including the texts and films we use--please check out the boards on our Pinterest page. You can also email me with any questions and for a copy of the course syllabus along with other relevant documents.

First Semester

Essential Questions:

  • What is cause-based work?

  • How can I be a world class volunteer?

  • What are some local issues I can positively influence?

  • How can I be an effective leader in my local and global community?

Class Projects in Committees:

  • World Kindness Day

  • Ronald McDonald House Meal Cooking

  • Canned Food Drive

  • Willenberg Visit

  • Skills for Independence (Students with Special Needs) Class Collaborations

  • BIONIC Team

  • Fundraising Projects

Individual Projects:

  • Outside Volunteer Project

  • Nonprofit Madness Presentation

Second Semester

Essential Questions:

  • What are some global issues I need to know about to be a global citizen?

  • How can I help with global causes?

  • How can I use my leadership skills to implement a service project?

  • How am I a leader in my local and global community?

Class Projects in Committees:

  • Walk for Life

  • PEACE4Kids Day

  • UCLA Blood Drive

  • Dollar for a Dream Day

  • A Day Without Shoes

  • Toberman After School Program Dinner

  • Blanket-A-Thon

  • Fundraising Projects

Individual Projects:

  • $2 A Day Challenge

  • Service Learning Improvement Project

Ongoing Activities

  • Food For Thought Friday

  • Thank You Thursday

  • Various Leadership Activities

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