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Nonprofit Madness

By: Tyson Gan

Every year, Service Learning Leadership holds an annual Nonprofit Madness competition between the class members. Each group chooses a nonprofit organization to donate to and must form a convincing argument as to why their selected nonprofit organization should receive the donation from the class. With so many prevalent issues in today’s society, many nonprofit organizations are appealing options to donate to. The group’s selection of potential nonprofits varied, ranging from organizations battling food insecurity to COVID-19 relief to health equity. It was a tough decision, but the class eventually settled on the Battered Women’s Justice Project through bracket-style elimination.

The Battered Women’s Justice Project aims to promote “systemic change within the civil and criminal justice systems to ensure an effective and just response to victims and perpetrators of intimate partner violence (IPV), and the children exposed to this violence”. The organization has had a large impact on multiple issues, including advocacy for victims of intimacy violence, child custody, community safety assessment,

and gender-based violence.

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