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Ronald McDonald House Visit

Did you know that McDonald's is not just known for its food? They are also recognized for their Ronald McDonald House charities which is a nonprofit organization. These houses provide for the families of children in the hospital. Medical bills can be extremely expensive, and good hospitals can be far away putting stress on the families of hospitalized children. Ronald McDonald Houses provide a safe and caring environment for these families and their children as well. Having a child in the hospital is difficult for so many reasons which is why the houses give families a safe and comfortable place to stay. There are currently 7,128 Ronald McDonald Houses worldwide and there mission is to create, find, and support programs that improve the health and well-being of children. Through their many houses, this institution has certainly accomplished their mission and is still expanding.

Through the generosity and kindness of the Long Beach Ronald McDonald House, we were able to come from SLL as a group of volunteers on December 8th. This was a really positive and fun experience especially since we were able to cook breakfast. Beforehand, our breakfast crew got together and planned out what we wanted to cook for the families that morning and we also made a plan to wear Christmas pajamas. The kitchens were really fun to cook in and we made scrambled eggs, pancakes, biscuits, berry coulis, and homemade whipped cream. Besides being really yummy, the breakfast was very rewarding since we were able to see the reactions and gratitude of the families. Everyone really liked the meal and appreciated the time we had taken to make it. Overall, this was an amazing experience for a great cause and we will for sure be back again!

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