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Homeboy Field Industries Field Trip 2015

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Last week Service Learning Leadership made its annual visit to Homeboy Industries headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. Homeboy Industries is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide hope, support and job training to former gang members. Started in 1992 by Father Gregory Boyle in Los Angeles as Homeboy Bakeries, Homeboy has now grown into over seven different social enterprises including a Homeboy Silkscreen and Homegirl Cafe, catering and food truck. The Homeboy program for gang rehabilitation is the most effective program in the world and is the standard model used around the country. It was an amazing opportunity for Service Learnng students to see the inner workings of such an impressive non-profit/social enterprise.

When our class arrived, we were split into two groups given a tour by one of the “Homies.” Each of the two former gang-members told their life stories and how they eventually found themselves at Homeboy. We were able to see their tattoo removal office, bread factory, Homegirl Café, as well as observe what a typical day at the offices looks like. The entire office was buzzing with activity as they were preparing for their annual Every Angelino Counts 5K and festival that was happening that Saturday. The tour concluded with a stop at the delicious bakery where everyone got to try something and found out why the bakery was so successful. It was a wonderful experience and everyone had a lot of fun and learned about all of the great work that Father Greg has done to rehabilitate countless ex-gang members.

Photos of our day

If we learned anything, it’s that everyone deserves a second chance and as Father Greg always says, “The measure of our compassion lies not in our service to others but in our willingness to see ourselves connected to them.”

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