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Random Acts of Kindness: Virtual Challenge

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

During times of uncertainty, Service Learning Leadership believes in the power of kindness. We challenged our Instagram followers to perform random acts of kindness during this disconnected time to strengthen their connections with others. Our community members took on this challenge eagerly and compassionately.

To make this challenge more fun and to include more people, SLL had created a "Kindness Generator" to produce more ideas for random acts. Simple acts such as calling a friend or texting a loved one can make major impacts; therefore, it needs to be recognized. Throughout the challenge, everyone was able to make a change in the world regardless of their age. Health workers have been recognized and thanked lovingly for being on the front lines. In this virtual challenge everyone is included.

One student participant took the initiative to provide her neighborhood with food and daily uses. After being challenged by his fellow peers, a student happily lent a hand to their community by raising money for our brave health care workers. Another student inspiringly stood outside for hours to sell fruits and items, using the money to thank the brave people who are now working on the front line. After completing a kindness act, participants would reach out to their friends and challenge them to perform an act of Random Kindness.

The virtual event was concluded with a bingo spread, sent out for participants to play and share the kind acts that they have done. We were amazed and pleased by the many compassion acts that our followers have done.

Service Learning Leadership provides an opportunity to connect everyone and recognize those who were compassionate to others. We are thankful for those who participated and for the wonderful community that we are surrounded in.

Written by "World Changer" Anh Ngo

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