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Second Semester Final 2019: Blog 3

Describe your tribe and discuss how each member is able to be a leader in this project.

How do you envision each team member will employ their leadership skills? USE SPECFIC EXAMPLES!

How will you ensure each member will contribute equitably to the project?

Share this project with your greater about it on your preferred social media channel and text Ms. Myrick a screen shot via the Remind app

Gives a "Project Update" are the logistics for your project going? Have you been able to complete the project or have their been challenges to overcome?

Please sign your blog with all group member's names and note who the actual author is. Example...

Group Members: Ellen Degeneres, Reese Witherspoon and Kelly Clarkson (Author)

After you finish answering the questions, please make sure everyone in your group comments on other project's blog thread.

Due April 29

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