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  • Lauren Kim

World Kindness Day 2019

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

On November 13th Service Learning Leadership celebrated World Kindness Day! As a member of SLL, leaders constantly aim to engage, take action, and encourage others to be the change that they wish to see in the world. World Kindness Day not only allows SLL to motivate students and those around them throughout the day to take that extra minute to compliment someone but also to take a moment to show appreciation to someone they care about. Our class motto this year is "Radiate Positivity" emphasizing the ways in which we should go about each and every single day. This quintessential phrase encompasses SLL's main mission and is what acted as our pillar in our project to make WKD a success.

With over 2,000 post-its with encouraging, "punny," and meaningful messages placed on lockers across campus, students were greeted with a colorful and positive message to start off their day. SLL also sold Kindness Grams to all students giving them the opportunity to write a sweet message to someone they admire and appreciate.

This year's World Kindness Day was a huge success and we hope that we were able to reach out to students reminding them to take that extra minute not only on WKD but every day, to give thanks and spread joy. No matter how you are feeling or what you may be going through, by making others feel loved and appreciated you are making an impact that cannot be replicated. We cannot wait for next year's World Kindness Day and we hope that you all remember to RADIATE POSITIVITY!

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