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  • Lauren Kim

Signed, Sealed, and Hand-Delivered!

Before you read on... SLL wanted to give a HUGE shout out and "thank you!" to everyone who dropped off cards for our card collection :).

On May 7th SLL hosted a Thank You Notes Collection. The overall purpose of SLL collecting cards was to find a new way to spread some joy and smiles to not only the first responders but also grocery store workers, elders in senior homes, and just general notes of encouragement during this really difficult time. Everyone that took the time to write, draw, paint, or color a card TOOK that extra time and CHOSE to do some good which is what SLL and Pen try so hard to emphasize.

We had four boxes to separate cards into in case people wanted to write to more than just one group of people. We had a “Health Care Workers,” “Grocery Store Employees,” "Elders in Care Facilities," and "General Notes of Thanks and Appreciation" boxes. Cards were delivered to Pavilions, Trader Joe’s, Vons, Little Company of Mary, Torrance Memorial, and the Post Office.

This card collection meant so much to us because with the lack of human interaction and connectedness people are becoming more lonesome. Making cards is what SLL likes to call a win-win-win. Three-way trade of goodness because the person making the cards is able to express themselves and show their creativity, the recipient of the card feels not only acknowledged but supported, and the last win is that extra sprinkle of goodness in the world that causes a chain reaction. We’ve received more cards even past the deadline and people continue to reach out to us to drop off more cards which have been really special. Keep on keeping on Panthers because your kindness is making others smile more than you realize.

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