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QuaranTIME w/ SLL

Hello everyone! Thank you for spending some quaranTIME with us as we share with you some of SLL's and student's tips for staying organized, active, and involved during this very crazy time. First and foremost we wanted to thank all of the healthcare workers, first responders, small-business workers, grocery store employees, janitors, and everyone who is putting their lives at risk to protect others. Your strength and valor are what is getting everyone through some of the toughest times. Keeping your heart and mind happy is so important right now and will benefit not only you but those around you as well... remember we are all in this together.


Staying Organized:

We reached out to students to see what are some ways that they are staying tidy and organized and got the following responses :)

  • Make a schedule/list

  • Bullet journals

  • Daily planners

  • Desk calendar

  • Notes App

  • Filing papers/assignments into folders

  • Whiteboard (or use a mirror and a dry-erase marker) to write a schedule


Fun Activities:

We reached out to students to see what are some ways that they are choosing to spend their time whether it be with friends, family, pets, or all of the above :)

  • Family board games

  • Baking

  • Walks (w/ pets)

  • Gardening

  • Exercise/Yoga classes over Zoom

  • Ordering takeout meals (supporting local businesses and something to look forward to during the week)

  • Read/Draw/Paint/Learn a new language

  • Sew/crochet blankets for senior citizens or anyone who you think needs a pick-me-up ;)


Be Good Do Good:

Now more than ever what this world needs is some hope and kindness. We asked students what are some ways that they are giving back to their community or showing thanks to our everyday heroes :)

  • Delivering groceries to grandparents

  • Writing "thank you" notes/signs to healthcare workers/grocery store employees/ mail carriers etc.

  • Making origami hearts and letters to deliver to senior citizens

  • Calling family/old friends via Zoom calls (virtual hugs)

  • Become a volunteer on a hotline

  • Organize blood drive/Donate blood


"Some Good News":

We hope you enjoyed all of our tips and ideas as to how you and your family can continue spreading happiness and hope into the world during this very uncertain time. Before we end our SLL QuaranTIME we wanted to share a video that we hope brings you and your loved ones some joy today. Some Good News is a YouTube channel that was started by actor John Krasinski in hopes of highlighting all of the positive and uplifting news during this time. Feel free to watch all of his SGN videos because they will for sure leave you in tears from laughing and crying. Be safe and stay healthy everyone! :)

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