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Introducing our Committees!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to introduce you to our different ongoing committees that make up Service Learning Leadership as of the 2019-2020 school year! The students work very hard all year round to make our school and community a better place!



Their main goal is to keep students who are absent--during a long period of time--connected to the school. They accomplish this by mailing small care packages to them. They write encouraging and positive notes, add small items--like the school newspaper and candy--and try to keep them updated on what is going on on campus. We want to make sure that no one feels like they are forgotten in our panther family just because they are not present in school.



The students in this committee are really passionate about the environment and want to mitigate certain issues in our current society such as climate change, the high use of plastics, pollution, and animal endangerment. Their main goal is to ensure that students at Peninsula are informed and taking action on the current environmental and wildlife problems that our world is facing. They do that by organizing volunteer events such as beach cleanups and fundraisers for nonprofit organizations involved with the environment and wildlife.

Finance and Fundraising

Students in this committee organize small fundraisers to ensure the class has enough funds to accomplish the many events we have planned for the year. They sell food during school carnivals, organize fundraisers with local restaurants and do smaller projects such as wrapping Christmas presents or delivering kindness grams that students buy during World Kindness Day.

Internal Relations

This committee is focused on the welfare of the students within Service Learning. They organize mini celebrations for monthly birthdays as well as class parties on major holidays or before a long break. 

Peer Volunteer

Their mission is to provide volunteer opportunities for the student body. They organize events once a month that are typically held in the school library and run for about one to two hours. Some of their most popular events include card and bracelet making for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, their annual blanket-a-thon, and making sandwiches for people living in homelessness. They donate all of the proceeds that students make during the time frame to nonprofits organizations around the Los Angeles County--helping both the school and the community around them. 

Peninsula Cares

The members of this committee work hard to ensure that students at Peninsula feel included and united. They plan a small activity each month to give back to the students for their hard work. They share the love by spreading items accessible to the students all around campus. When planning what to give, the committee focuses on any big events that are going on that month such as holidays or school events--for example, school supplies during finals weeks or candy canes in December. In addition, one of their main goals this year is to focus more on mental health and find ways to cope with stress that students tend to experience in high school.

Public Relations

This is our committee, we advertise and share the behind-the-scenes of what Service Learning Leadership does and what our main mission and goal is. We post Instagram stories and pictures sharing what we are working on, share inspirational quotes and videos, and share our “why” to inspire the community around us. We are going to start making vlogs on the SLL Youtube Channel <> to share how our big events come to life.

Skills for Independence

This committee works with the students in Mrs. Fujinaga’s Skills for Independence class throughout the year. They focus on providing a more inclusive and interactive environment for the students who have special needs or disabilities on campus. This year they are hoping to host a “track walk” event once a month with different SLL students as well as organize fun holiday related activities. 


Students in this committee recognize school staff for their hard work throughout the academic year. They prepare small gifts to give to the faculty and staff every month as a “thank you” for all that they do for the students, school, and community. Each month is dedicated to a certain sector of the Peninsula staff; for example, one month is focused on the teachers, the following on counselors, lunch ladies, janitors, nurses, office staff and security guards. When planning what to give, the committee focuses on the major holidays of that specific month--such as a Halloween related gift in the month of October. The gift includes a food item and a thank-you card for each of the staff members. 

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