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Halloween: Quarantine Edition

By: Tyson Gan

With Halloween right around the corner, you might be wondering, what can you do on Halloween to have fun while still being cautious of our global pandemic? This is a good question because Halloween this year will not be celebrated in exactly the same traditional style. To practice social distancing, Halloween this year will consist of less of the door to door trick or treating, the main event we are used to seeing. This comes as a disappointment to many people because trick or treating is a staple of Halloween festivities. However, there still are some fun, safe options for entertainment you can participate in this upcoming Halloween.

If you are still looking for a trick or treat type of experience, the San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA is hosting a drive-thru trick or treat! Drive up and through the main parking lot where you can receive candy from multiple stations, all while maintaining social distancing. If you are looking for a safe trick or treating option to enjoy, the YMCA’s drive-thru trick or treat is perfect.

If you are not looking to step outside the house this Halloween, another safe option could be to gather some family members together, microwave some popcorn, and watch a Halloween movie. Currently, “Hubie Halloween” is the number 1 trending movie on Netflix, so it is definitely worthy of consideration.

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