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FFT: Sara and Katie

Hi Everyone! Here is another very timely Food for Thought from fellow World Changers, Sara and Katie. If you are feeling in a bit of a positive energy slump this week, I am too. This whole thing has really gotten under my skin in a lot ways this week, so I for sure appreciate this reminder! It is time for me to buck up a bit...I hope you are feeling good and thank you Sara and Katie for the gentle reminder to be a thermostat and not a thermometer whenever possible.

- Mrs. Myrick

In hard times like these, it’s important to view your situation from a positive light and effort to make it better for yourself, otherwise your situation won’t get better at all. In the quote, the speaker, Walter Anderson, talks about his positive actions being what allowed him to experience “the treasures of life” despite his mentioned loss, something that we should consider and apply in our own lives even when we’re not in the midst of a pandemic. We hope everyone is doing well, stay safe! Sara and Katie

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