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Your Helpful Service Learning Leaders in Blue #2

The Random Acts of Kindness Squad strikes again!

Using a subway gift card previously donated to SLL, the Helpful Service Learning Leaders in blue surprised our College and Career Center (CCC) ladies—Ms. Lewallen and Ms. Koyanagi—with lunch. The two women were gracious and grateful as ever, expressing to us how sweet it was of us to think of them. They asked us why we had chosen to surprise them, to which the response was that they work tirelessly all day to make college and career routes as stressless as they can be for our hardworking panthers. As put by one of the blue-shirts, “You work throughout your lunch, as we just saw, to help students with any questions they have—not to mention all day, every day besides lunch. You come in with such a positive attitude everyday and genuinely care for us. And, you always have a smile on your face while doing it all. You both absolutely deserve a Random Act of Kindness."

After posing for a few pictures, they even pointed us to a lovely little book in the room titled “Random Acts of Panther Kindness,” a tradition they’ve upheld for years. We added our very own group name to the book and spent some time flipping through it, witnessing the positivity the two ladies have spread across our campus for years. Ms. Lewallen and Ms. Koyanagi are truly kind-hearted, inspirational women who deserve Random Acts of Kindness every waking moment. Here’s to a continued chain reaction of kindness!

“A simple act of kindness can make a tremendous impact on a person’s life.”


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