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Canned Food Drive

Although hunger is a subject primarily associated with develping countries, the United States succumbs to the effects of hunger just as much as any other developing nation in the world. It is a problem that for many years has lacked proper assessment of, and in turn caused a large percentage of Americans to go to sleep unsure about their next day’s meal. In an effort to assist the growing quantity of people in food-insecure households, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School held their yearly Canned Food Drive in the first weeks of December to promote the imminent issue of hunger with America.

Service Learning Leadership organized the logistics for this year's canned food drive, and in addition to bringing awarness to the cause of hunger we decided to add an incentive for teachers to help promote the drive; the teacher whose third period class accumulated the largest amount of cans by the event’s end would receive a large trophy to showcase in their classroom! the produced a friendily competition between teachers and students. Awareness for the drive was abundant, as SLL decorated the campus with posters and fliers publicizing the event, along with weekly announcements and notifications to students via the Daily Bulletin, Principal’s Update, and Eye of the Panther segments.

By the drive’s conclusion, Peninsula had accumulated over 3,000 cans from generous student and staff contributions, surpassing the expectations of both SLL and teachers alike. Each can was accounted for by hand in a lengthy process that took two days to complete, thanks to the various leadership classes who helped collect the cans from classrooms. The compiled foods were then loaded onto a truck that would directly transport the goods to the low-income families, who were very appreciative of the school’s concerted effort.

The Canned Food Drive was a definite success, as it allowed for underprivileged families to enjoy the holiday festivities without worrying about the source of their next meal and conveyed the message that there will always be a helping hand when you are in need of it most. Peninsula students empathized for those without essential provisions, and demonstrated kindness all throughout the drive. It was a great experience for PVPHS in a small step towards diminishing hunger within the United States.

Working on the publizing the drive

Collecting and Counting the Food Items!

Thank you to everyone who supported! Congratulations to Mr. Engle's class for winning the first ever Canned Food Drive trophy with a total of collection of over 600 cans!

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