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World Kindness Day 2015

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees." ― Amelia Earhart

World Kindness Day 2015 saw many beautiful events occur. Worldwide, people opened their arms to one another, provided shelter and aid in times of need, and brought to light some serious things that needed changing—and that could be fixed with some compassion. Campus-wide, World Kindness Day brought students closer together, and spread an air of appreciation.

The day started off with complimentary coffee for all of the PenHigh teachers, to let them know how much we appreciate the hard work they do, and to give their wallets a break from those daily coffee runs. The gratitude was heard and accepted, and the teachers drank up.

Service Learning Leadership’s second victory of the day proved the success of Post-It infection. Some of our students woke up bright and early to run about school in the chilly morning air and stick post its on every single locker. Yes, every single one. As we ran out of pre-made post-its, we quickly improvised with a few more stacks to cover every locker on campus. We could not have completed the task without the help of some dawdling morning-people, not in SLL, waiting for their school days to start. As the day went on and the Post-it discovery was made by students just arriving to their lockers, students began exchanging notes with their friends, bunching notes up on certain lockers, and excitedly sharing the warm comments they received. The endless writing and hand cramping paid off.

Finally, during fourth period, SLL students made deliveries to classrooms of envelopes containing Kindness Grams and PLUS’s Penny for Your Thoughts’. Kindness Grams were sold during lunch in the amphitheater from Friday, November 6th, to Thursday, November 12th. Although sales were slow at first, they managed to speed up as word spread, and many students and teachers received grams from their friends and classmates. The grams included a Compassion It bracelet, a Personal Kindness Challenge, and candy to enjoy and share—Kisses meant to spread love and Sour Patch Kids as a visual reminder to turn your sourness into sweetness! Students around campus started donning their new bracelets during lunch and eagerly completed the tasks they had been given. We hope to continue seeing this kindness inspired everyday.

“When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.” – Harold Kushner

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